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Strange P3DV4.1 behavior help please

Posted: Wed Jan 24, 2018 6:51 am
by Rodney
I have reinstalled P3DV4 and all the updates after reformatting my computer and upgrading the graphics card from a 780 to a 1080TI , then reinstalled my many many Orbx addons
All running great and high framerates. Have noticed when flying around that framerates will just randomly drop from say 70 down to 30 , the only way to fix this is to either press the escape key or pause key then resume the flight which brings the frame rates back up straight away , then in no time the same thing happens again so I have to repeat above scenario to fix.
This only seems to happen when the VSYNC option setting in P3D is activated.
If I leave VSYNC off all is good.
My video card is connected to my monitor via HDMI cable.
Any advice would be much appreciated.