[RESOLVED] Avoid CTDs with multiple monitors

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[RESOLVED] Avoid CTDs with multiple monitors

Postby aua668 » Mon Nov 05, 2018 11:03 am


I want to document a solution, which I found, for avoiding CTDs, if you use multiple monitors.

My setup: I run P3D 4.3 on a WIN 10 machine with three monitors: one 3840x1080 curved Samsung for the ouside view on one nVidia graphic card and below two touch screens (1920x1080) for the VC on the second nVidia graphic card. From MS Windows the two touch screens got the ID 1 and 2 and the curved monitor was ID number 3.

The touch screen number one was defined as my primary windows desktop. P3D main window started on the curved screen and had one undocked window spanning the two touch screens.

In that configuration I could reproduce to get a CTD, whenever I wanted to create new views. P3D crashed without any special information in the crash log. It just terminated.

What did I change after a lot of trial and error?

First of all I reconnected my screens in a way that the curved monitor got the Windows ID 1 and the two touch screens got 2 and 3. Then I made the curved screen to my primary Windows desktop. With that setup I get no CTDs anymore. Obviously P3D is not very stable in such special configurations.

So my hints to people experiencing CTDs in multi-monitor environments:
*** Make the display, where you start P3D from and where the main window of P3D should run, the Windows display number one (primary desktop).

LM: Please check in your code, how you handle your views, if the main window is not on the primary Windows display. There is some instability in such special configurations (maybe in combination with the graphics driver).

I hope this is helpful for people experiencing CTDs in multi-monitor environments.


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