Sounds Disapearing

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Sounds Disapearing

Postby badapple » Tue Jan 30, 2018 4:04 pm

A problem has arisen that I have no clue.

Open the Beech King Air 350. Spawn at an airport. From inside the cockpit I cannot hear the engine sounds. When I switch views to looking at the aircraft from the outside, I can hear the engines (props) good. Switch back to cockpit view and no engine sounds.

A little bit opposite on the Beech Baron 58. Inside the Cockpit I can hear the engines and props but in the outside view I hear nothing.

What kind of bug is this? I've checked all my sound settings. They're good. I made sure that the aircraft.cfg file has not been altered. Its good.

Oh! and in the case of the King Air 350...... There are no ATC sounds either.

Any ideas please?


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