Piston Engine Start URGENT

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Re: Piston Engine Start URGENT

Postby xtremepro67 » Tue Mar 07, 2017 4:29 pm

Concluding our investigation, we realized in our case that we were searching at the wrong place. This was not a starter issue but a simple fuel tank issue:

It is well known that the sim keeps the fuel tank settings from the previous flight at the start of a new flight. If the aircraft in the previous flight had a different fuel tank configuration, the engines on the new aircraft might be fed by the wrong, empty or inexistant fuel tank(s). Obviously, the engines cannot start under these conditions. This is especially true if the new aircraft has no fuel tank selector or a custom tank selector that needs to be set manually at the beginning of a flight. We solved this problem by adding code so that the fuel tank selector would select the proper fuel tanks for our aircraft when first loaded in the sim, no matter which aircraft was used before. No more engine start issue.

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Re: Piston Engine Start URGENT

Postby blackboxgraham » Wed Mar 22, 2017 11:10 am

No Sorry ..

After a lot more investigation this is still Incorrect .....

In my Latest ( An L19 Bird Dog) I have the usual Mag selector with the starter code still in place..
i.e Off - 1 - 2 - Both - start
and Also a Start Button ... using (>K:TOGGLE_STARTER1)

With ALL fuel cocks valves switches etc etc in the correct places the engine will start First time and every time with the Magneto starter or Ctrl +E methods....

The Starter button alone ( even with everything else in place " WILL NOT spin the engine enough to allow it to start unless its Held down in the pressed position.

sounds like the default is using a (>K:KEEP_STARTER_PRESSED UNTIL SOMETHING FIRES UP1) event :)

PLEASE LM ... Just supply us with the SAME CODE the Magneto starter uses

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Re: Piston Engine Start URGENT

Postby WarpD » Wed Mar 22, 2017 1:44 pm

Is your start button calling TOGGLE_STARTER1 when released as well as when pressed?

In FSX the event TOGGLE_STARTER1 wasn't a toggle at all, but rather would "latch" the starter to on until the engine was running or it timed out. In Prepar3D the event is now indeed a toggle. One call, starter is on... another call, starter is off.
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