Rotating a Scenario Camera

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Rotating a Scenario Camera

Postby jake_lm » Wed Jun 14, 2017 8:00 pm


I am making a scenario where I have an AI plane flying through waypoints. I also have a scenario camera attached to the plane, where it has inherited the planes offset heading as well as rotation heading. This way the camera is always pointing forward, and always right on top of the plane.

As soon as the scene begins, I have a trigger that changes the view to this camera, so you can sit back and watch the plane flying through its waypoints.

The problem is that I want to rotate a scenario camera through an event. I have looked through the events, and was sure that 'ViewChangeAction' would do exactly what I need. In fact, it does that. The problem is that 'ViewChangeAction' only seems to apply to built in cameras, and not scenario cameras! For example, 'ViewChangeAction' will look inside of the aricraft.cfg, or camera.cfg, to gather a list of available cameras. I know it does this because in ViewChangeAction properties, it lets you change CameraView to one of the build in cameras (Cockpit, Virtual Cockpit, Spot, etc..). I am wondering if there is a way I can use ViewChangeAction with a scenario camera. All I need is a way to reference the scenario camera through the ViewChangeAction script.

The goal is to be able to allow the plane to fly, and independently have the scenario camera attached to it interpolating on its own, according to its events that are setup.

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Re: Rotating a Scenario Camera

Postby Rob McCarthy » Mon Jun 19, 2017 2:59 pm


There appears to be an issue preventing scenario cameras from working with ViewChangeActions. We will look into a fix.

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Rob McCarthy
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