Simconnect Window will not Appear in VR

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Simconnect Window will not Appear in VR

Postby powayjoe » Mon Mar 18, 2019 12:13 am

I posted this issue a few weeks ago regarding the Radar Contact, a third party ATC program that's been around for years, simconnect display window showing up fine in 2D but not showing up in VR.

This was the response I received from Kayla at LM:

Is the Radar Contact you are using something you have developed, or possibly a 3rd party add-on?

Scaleform windows should show in VR. If the message window you're referring to created as a Scaleform window, you should be able to make it appear in VR.

Here's some more information on Scaleform panels: ... orial.html


I followed up with Pete Dawson, the developer that enables the display window, and here's his response:

However when I switch to a Native VR in P3Dv4 the message window will not appear. I have the latest paid for version of FSUIPC installed and have worked with it extensively. I have read that in the past there was an enhanced window that was developed and could be used with FSUIPC but no longer works and I believe was abandoned. I also see that FSUIPC will remember location and size of the default message window. I posted on the LM forum and they said Simconnect Message Windows should appear.

My question is, is there something FSUIPC is doing to the message window that might make it not appear in native VR?

No, sorry. It is just a straightforward SimConnect widow. FSUIPC just requests Simconnect to show it, and the rest is up t o P3D4.

I'm afraid I've no idea what "scaleform" windows. The only window facility I am aware of is the SimConnect one.

Here's some more information on Scaleform panels: ... orial.html

Ah, that's to do with Gauges displaying their own things. It isn't a Simconnect feature. You'd need to explain to L-M that it is a plain SimConnect_Text call with type SIMCONNECT_TEXT_TYPE_MESSAGE_WINDOW.

If it displays okay in non-VR mode then it is definitely something you need to sort out with L-M.


Based on this response does anyone have any further thoughts on why this simconnect display will not show up in VR?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Simconnect Window will not Appear in VR

Postby Kayla Kinzel » Mon Mar 18, 2019 11:12 am


It's up to the addon content developer whether or not they would like to support VR.

It looks like, at this time, your addon is not compatible with VR.

As of now, we only support Scaleform panels in VR. (An example of this is the ATC or the Panel Manager.)

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