A Pitch Black Cockpit ?

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A Pitch Black Cockpit ?

Postby alaaar » Sun Dec 09, 2018 1:19 pm

Dear LM,

After two week with P3D V4.4 before that with FSX for more than 10 years I would like to thank you, it's a great effort and huge difference in FS.......worth every penny that's for sure.

Last night for the first time, I was starting a night flight form KMSP to KORD, I always start my flights at C&D situation and the cockpit was a pitch black I could not see a thing at all no matter what I do.

The second issue, I was at cruise level of 25,000 feet and looking outside the cockpit or looking from external view to the ground again it's pitch black I can't see lights of a small or large cities or roads or any topography except for exceptionally bright stars and dark areas where clouds are.

I was suggesting for the first issue is to have an option like a flashlight, like the ones usually with a ground maintenance person or a crew member to use when entering dark cockpit like this it will be very realistic.

Many thanks

Alaa Riad

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Rob McCarthy
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Re: A Pitch Black Cockpit ?

Postby Rob McCarthy » Mon Dec 10, 2018 2:33 pm


Moon phases are now accounted for in night lighting. Do you see different levels of ambient light at night on different days? Are the missing lights happening with add-on content?

Rob McCarthy
Rob McCarthy
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