Aerosoft’s F-16 in v. 4.2 - some notes

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Aerosoft’s F-16 in v. 4.2 - some notes

Postby Dag » Sat Feb 17, 2018 9:52 am

Hi there,

For those of you that have had the aerosoft F-16 installed in 4.1, LM has done some modifications to their internal model. By that I mean that if you, like me, had the aerosoft install set up in such a way that you pointed the panels folder to the default LM «F-16 Base» folder, you will no longer have LMFD, RMFD and HUD available in aerosoft aircraft. LM remapped the VC panels. Probably more efficient but that means you need to use the internal models of LM in all you aerosoft models folders. That means no external stores seen from the cockpit.
I reverted back to the «old» VCs by first backing up the F-16 base folder from the 4.2 install, uninstalled the 4.2 content, reinstalled the 4.1 content (providing you still have it). Then off course you loose the new helos so what I did was to back up the F-16 base folder from 4.1, uninstalled the 4.1 content again and reinstalled the 4.2 content. Then I deleted the 4.2 F-16 base folder and pasted in the backed up F-16 base folder from the 4.1. That way you have all the new content, save for the F-16 base stuff. The LM F-16 will be U/S but who’s flying an F-16 without stores anyway. You could off course rename the F-16 base folder to something else and then point all aerosoft panels to this folder and paste in the F-16 v 4.2 folder to have the LM F-16s working again.


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