WMR HMD Native VR Sound issue when Device enters standby mode

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WMR HMD Native VR Sound issue when Device enters standby mode

Postby gcbraun » Fri Feb 16, 2018 10:05 am


I am currently testing a new Samsung Odyssey WMR HMD and I am experiencing an issue when activating Native VR on P3D V4.2.

Whenever I click on enable VR and SteamVR/WMR Portal applications are open, I loose the sound on my simulator.

I have tried multiple things to get the sound back, including enable/disbling the Sound both on P3D and on the Windows sound control panel, resetting the sound system via the command line, switching default speakers and disabling Native VR.

This happens on add-on planes only and not on default planes.

The only thing that seems to tackle this issue is to have the WMR App open before P3D starts, but then whenever the HMD goes into standby mode (something that happen minutes after you put it down), the sound would be cut in the simulator again. Another workaround is to manually switch the default speakers inside the FMC of some high-end add-on planes (like the PMDG), but not every aircraft offers this possibility.
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