ATC Menu and AS 2016 popup menu in p3dv4.1

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ATC Menu and AS 2016 popup menu in p3dv4.1

Postby unc1rlm » Tue Nov 21, 2017 9:08 pm

It seems everytime I change scenery, I either get the Active Sky 2016 popup menu or the ATC Menu keeps popping up, which gets old real fast. Is this some type of simconnect issue or where do I look?

Any help appreciated. I had contacted Active Sky about this and they could not replicate it and didn't know why but I now notice ATC Menu does it all the time. I use the s key to change views as well as Chase Plane.

Just curious..maybe someone else has had this issue.
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Re: ATC Menu and AS 2016 popup menu in p3dv4.1

Postby easy195 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 6:58 pm


I have the same issue since a few days in P3D v4.1. No Popup menu is showing up, the related addons (GSX, Active Sky, SODE) are working fine, but the menus do not open.

I found a thread in FSDT´s Support forum regarding GSX and virtuali thinks, it´s not a problem of the addon´s.

Btw, the ATC menu of Prepar3D is ok.

I am hoping P3D Staff has an idea how to fix this.


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