A detailed question for everyone that's able to "manually" install aircraft

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A detailed question for everyone that's able to "manually" install aircraft

Postby Flyingman4life » Wed Jan 13, 2016 11:35 pm

Hello all,

I have a question if I may?

I, like many others, jumped on the Captain Sim 24hr sale a couple of days ago.

My main sim is P3DV3 but I bought the 767 and the Space Shuttle which as you know is for FSX

I see people have got the 767 fully working with the Estonia migration tool (which I own) but I am very apprehensive about installing it again as I'm sure it messed with my previous sim install.

I have been trying to add it manually by installing it on my laptop (FSX) then transferring everything to P3Dv3 on my other computer, and have managed to do so except for the gauges being blacked out and various click spots/twist knobs not working correctly. Also when it first loads the window opens and I'm not able to close it again, the sound works and I'm able to click it but it doesn't close

Today I had to re-install FSX on the laptop then the 767 again. As I have P3D on the laptop also I tried to copy everything over again and it worked! - gauges are active but the auto-throttle speed knob does not change when twisted.

Did it work because there is a registry key in the Windows reg for CS767 on the laptop where as there obviously isn't one on my main computer which I copied the files to??? If so how do I go about adding a reg key for CS767 on my main computer?

I noticed that unlike on FSX, when first loaded p3d didn't give me the option of accepting/trusting gauges when it first loads, gauges that correspond to the aircraft in question. After having a good look at the FSX files I noticed entries had been added in the FSX.cfg under the header "Trusted", could this be the reason for gauges not showing correctly on my main computers p3d?? Because the installer didn't add these entries, because I did it manually.

This is what was added at the bottom of the FSX.cfg


If I added these lines to the P3D.cfg, obviously pointing to P3D's Captain_sim, gauges etc, not FSX, would it work?

I have added the lines from the FSX DLL.XML for the sound and menu modules in P3D as guided by a knowledgeable person on this site.

Has anyone else here managed to install the CS767 (and/or the space shuttle) in to p3dv3 "manually" without issue? OR is it one of the add-ons that simply will not work no matter what's done?

Sorry for the long drawn out questions and I hope my questions make sense, I really do not want to give up as I'm so close.
I'd really appreciate any help if you're able to do so :)


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Re: A detailed question for everyone that's able to "manually" install aircraft

Postby DaveWG » Thu Jan 14, 2016 7:12 am

You don't need the [Trusted] section at all in P3d. LM removed the need to "trust" gauges & dll's.
As for the 767 & Shuttle, I own the 767 but haven't tried it in P3d, so can't help there.

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Re: A detailed question for everyone that's able to "manually" install aircraft

Postby Flyingman4life » Thu Jan 14, 2016 10:28 am

Thanks for the response never the less. I shall be sure to ignore that section then

GL when you install

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Re: A detailed question for everyone that's able to "manually" install aircraft

Postby 72westy » Thu May 12, 2016 11:34 am

I can confirm that the 767 base with K-767 Tanker is working fully including the ACE under P3D

You must be sure both .dll entries are added and that the FULL path is pointed to where you have the ACE installed within P3D root folder.

Sound in cockpit as well as cockpit clicks all working. This was installed using the latest version ( of the Estonia Migration tool under Windows 7 Ult. 64bit (UAC disabled).

Be absolutely certain the following bolded entries are correct and the path is pointing to the FULL path C:,D:,E: etc... for the menu.dll


<Name>Captain Sim 767 Menu</Name>
<Name>Captain Sim 767 Sound</Name>
<Disabled>True</Disabled> (Try:False)
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