Best Practices for Install

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Best Practices for Install

Postby nyc2pdx » Wed Jun 13, 2018 6:57 pm

I've had two complete re-installs within the last 6 months and it is driving me mad...While I don't mind re-installing P3D v4.2, we all know that it also requires re-installing ALL the add ons, planes, scenery....

So, now that I am faced with yet another re-install, what are the best practices so that I can avoid this in the future? Do you store scenery and added planes outside the P3D file structure? How do you make it work? Add on scenery I get (except when the scenery goes into the scenery/world folder-I know there isn't much I can do there), but what about other things? How do you organize your add ons/scenery/planes?

Best practices?

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