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Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2015 5:53 am
by G.K.
Uninstalled 2.4, deleted the folders, installed 2.5, worked straight out of the box....Very smooth. Good work.

I never went mad on ad-dons, I had a feeling the program format would have to change at some point.

Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2015 7:30 am
by maxxxit
Thats good

Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2015 1:24 pm
by benjaminjb
Afternoon Everyone,

So I know this is the BIG question for many of us, and I'm sure we're all anticipating feedback from the community on this topic. Here goes, does anyone have the following configuration running, or even a piece of it, who can comment on compatibility with the new v2.5 release?

Running: REX 4, Active Sky Next (ASN), ORBX Global, ORBX Vector, ORBX regions (PNW, North Cal.)

I'm on the fence whether to uninstall and go straight into this release, or wait a bit on feedback.


Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2015 2:36 pm
by einherz
hi, if you have a problem with archive so you need firstly try open by other program, then redownload if no luck

Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2015 3:12 pm
by Hobbyhorse

Running: REX 4, Active Sky Next (ASN), ORBX Global, ORBX Vector, ORBX regions (PNW, North Cal.)

REX4 according to the developers should not have an issue. I don't use ASN but have read posts suggesting an update is needed. Most, if not all, ORBX sceneries need to be reworked so the installers can find the new location of "terrain.cfg".

Another thing I noticed when adding scenery locations is that the new location is not immediately available without first quitting P3D and restarting.

Right out of the box P3D loads much faster and graphics are fantastic. Anti-aliasing problems seem to be fixed and shimmering no longer happens ... this without touching any settings or begging Nvidia control panel and/or NI to behave.

Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2015 3:22 pm
by einherz
so, now every thing in the scenery.cfg dir? it is comfortable:) but i stay afraid install new version, hope patch will born, i believe in mind of lm

Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2015 3:23 pm
by benjaminjb
Afternoon Hobby,

Thanks for the reply. Clearly a VERY caring community, and it's quite clear LM Prepar3d is doing something right for the community with this simulator. Loving it. Now on to the details in reply.

- Found a quick and easy solution with the ORBX terrain.cfg error. Simply created a hard symbolic link (if behind Windows 7/8.1). LM placed these files in the Program Files folder tree by default, even if you install the new v2.5 somewhere else. I personally install it on a secondary drive (E:). Open the CMD line as sys admin, and strike: mklink "Link" "Target" (e.g. mklink "E:\Prepar3dv25\terrain.cfg" "C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3d v2\terrain.cfg" -- error gone

~ Hopefully REX developers fix the evening runway lighting issues with the latest NVDIA drivers. I had to downgrade my EVGA GTX780 drivers to 347.52 in order to resolve the issue. Then again, perhaps this is on the driver developers.

Can't wait to start v2.5! Installing everything right now... likely will take another hour lol to get plugins back.

- Benjamin

Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2015 3:29 pm
by einherz
look like i miss something, but 347.52 is latest today, how do you could downgrade to it:)?

Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2015 3:41 pm
by benjaminjb
Oops, typo! I'm running 344.75 - sorry about that! I believe that's approx. two releases behind to-date.

With regard to downgrading, you'll want to strip your newest video drivers and NVIDA software, then complete a soft reboot. You can grab the old drivers on your manufacturers website:

e.g. If it's EVGA:
- Just deselect show latest drivers

I couldn't stand the night light problem on runways. But again, not a Prepar3d issue... REX and driver specific.

Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2015 4:24 pm
by einherz
i guessed, man:), i used same version till exclude 347.52 for 2.4 version, so in 2.5 version aerodrom lights gone again even with 347.52, well, any way i stay with 2.4, and with very strange feeling about this situation
p.s. just reread your post, so you stay without light in 2.4@347.52? so you need just uninstall drivers then use updated ddu then install 347.52
p.s. v2.0 i use rex4 too, just cann't say what exactly preset, everything work ok with 2.4, i don't believe it because i have other vcard, but this could be posible

Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2015 4:45 pm
by benjaminjb
Hi Ein.,

Yea, basically with the latest EVGA drivers for my 780, all runway lights vanish. The moment I downgraded my GPU driver though, the lights came back. I'll let you know how 2.5 goes, still in the process of installing things... takes forever.

Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2015 7:22 pm
by jostytosty
Nightmare at Deltastreet. My o My, uninstalling and installing P3D on a Dutch PC is hard to do. Did the whole thing: uninstall v2.4 Message: account already exists – ehrm WHAT?? – Okay never mind. Deleted all those app data and whatever folders. Install, failed something like 0ffddfff or so. Great.
Let’s read some more on the website, ah – ha- I should download the separate files an try again. Let’s do so, it will only take one hour.
Downloaded separate files and off we go. To the next error. Tried to mix some parts of the files from the zip and the separate downloads. No luck. Download the zip again on a different computer, mind you it’s only Friday thirteenth. Cleared out everything remotely looking like “Lockheed Martin” in my registry. Something which I detest because it is always possible to ruin your PC.
The download went on forever so I went to sleep.
Next day: home from work and unzipping the new zip from the other PC. Plugged out the Internet connection, renamed my P3D folder, which I emptied before, to P3D2.5 and got started with the MSI. Something went well because there was movement in the installer. Then suddenly: BSOD!!
Now may of you would have started to cry at that point, this means the machine is killed.
I also cried, but out of joy! I’ve seen this before and in an irrational way it means P3Dv2.5 is building! Restarted the Intel i7 driven Windows calculator and fired up the installer again. BINGO. It works.
But hey, what if removing the registry entries would mean I can’t register online? Just tried and – woow relief it works. Teleported my MJC Dash8 that I kept straight back in and yes that also worked. Uninstalled and reinstalled ASN. Moved back the “controls” files into roaming to get some adjusted settings that I edited in the XML back. Imported my saved controller settings file back in to the user documents P3D file. Had a quick look at P3D and yup, it is nice and settings can maybe be set higher.
So that’s it. It only took about 8 hours or so. ASN is not working because FSUIPC isn’t working, however AS2012 seems to work.
In a couple of days I will have a perfect Sim again.
O yeah and one thing.... why on earth was adding new scenery reverted back to the way it was in FS2004, meanig that you have to close the sim to get the scenery going??????

Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2015 7:34 pm
by einherz
hi benjaminjb, i don't think evga or any other vendors provide video drivers, exclude nvidia:) are you sure is nvidia 347.52 driver? because is very unusual what this work with maxwell and don't with kepler, it is posible but unusual, i think i'll with 2.5 version some later, i unpack yet zip file, and ready for install, but not now, i just need some room in time for looking what going on, may be some new advice from people who update from 2.4 or lm make some patches, it stay unbeliveble for me(no patch) but any way good luck for new install, forexample if people upgrade pc then os, or have not much addons yet, but in this situation, is some absessive for me, i mean update
well, any way... drivers 347.52 must work i think correct with aerodrome lights with kepler if this work with maxwell, may be some people with kepler gpu confirm or not my words
hi jostytosty, about asn and other fsuipc recipients be sure you use updated module

Posted: Sat Feb 14, 2015 11:47 am
by jostytosty
Found FSUIPC for v2.5 so that is solved. ASN isn't working but AS2012 is! Hurray! Like the sky colouring! But looking into the sunlight is not really that nice because in the cockpit you now have a kind of mist looking into the sun. That said, the dark shadow side of the plane is much better. The default fighterjet has real nice landinglights now. Because of FSUIPC is working, LINDA is also working and that makes a lot of difference flying the MJC Q400, or any plane for that matter. Overall I'm pleased with the new version of P3D and looking forward for more updates [not new installs.....]

Posted: Sat Feb 14, 2015 2:07 pm
by benjaminjb
Morning All,

Hi Ein., yep - I go straight to:

Latest release through EVGA:

Release Date Type Version OS URL Notes
2-10-2015 Driver 347.52 Windows 8/8.1 64bit

Though again, I'm stuck with 344.75. I might reach out to REX directly regarding this problem to see what they have to say.


Last night I actually jumped back to 2.4 from 2.5, just for the time being. It's great to see various 3rd party developers already working on updates (e.g. ASN, just got an email from REX, etc.) I'll probably give the community another month or so before I make the jump, to allow development to catch up with various plugins. Though can't wait to experience these changes.