Prepar3D v2.5 - Available Now!

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Post by Chazypax »

Could somebody please help me.

I am running v2.4 with a few aircraft add-ons does this mean I will need to uninstall 2.4 and all my addons or do I just uninstall 2.4 and install 2.5?

Also, to un-install, do I go through my program files or do I use the uninstaller in the setup.exe file?
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Post by Saul »

Hi Chazpax,

You will need to uninstall v2.4 before installing v2.5.
I personally would use the v2.4 setup.exe to uninstall.
You also need to delete these folders before starting your install.

%PROGRAMDATA%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2
%LOCALAPPDATA%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2
%APPDATA%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2
%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Prepar3D v2 Files
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Post by nemo06 »

If I understand correctly, some addons are external to P3D and other addons are internal to P3D.
Therefore we will have to do so, when available:

- ASN,REX and FSGlobal 2010: re-download only the new installer.
- All ORBX products (Global, Vector, OpenLC, lights Configurator): re-download the full products.

is that correct?
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Post by flopes81 »

Install all over again? This is not an update. Since I have no time for that, I'll be in version 2.4 ...

Google translate
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Post by Chazypax »

Ok thanks Saul,

Where can I find this setup.exe?

Also, also heard ASN at the current time has issues etc etc along with a couple of other addons. Shall I just leave them all installed and then just re-install them with the new installer as they are released?
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Post by mariodantas »

No update from 2.4 to 2.5 ?.

Damn, I've iFly CBE installed and activated in my 2.4 setup, have no time to unistall and reinstall all my add-ons

Why do you release a 2.5 withous the possibility to update from 2.4 ?
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Post by mikced »

great news! Personally I have too much time invested in getting addons to work perfectly and various tweaks and setting in 2.4 so I will not bother to update to 2.5. Not that many (to me) relevant new features either.

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Post by FiberGorilla »


I'm afraid that isn't possible. Version 2.5 got a complete new folder structure.

We all like maximum performance of our sim so it is better anyway to do a new installation. I'm wondering if the installers of the add-ons will work with P3D V2.5.

Please check at the add-ons websites if there are new installers/updates before you do any un-installations....

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Post by sarsonk001 »

I took a year off from flight simulation. I left off at version 2.2. I spent the last few days coming back up to speed and installed 2.5 last night. Looks like I came back just in time. I got to say that 2.5 is a huge improvement for me. Not using NI anymore, just in app settings. The shadowing is awesome and the performance increase is fantastic. I'm starting off completely stock except for the F1Tech G1000 which I have to have since I decided to go the cockpit building route.

I also upgraded to SSD's finally. Definitely a worth while upgrade. :)

Great job LM!!! :)

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Post by Celis »

Thanks Adam, downloaded without a problem..
Great Job LM.

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Post by frmalan »

Would it be possible in future, to split the installer into the simulator and the global scenery? I am asking under the assumption that the default terrain mesh and textures do not really change between minor releases and makes up a large portion of the 10GB installer download.
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Post by abranpuko »

Hello! Great Prepar3d v2.5! very soft and great colours.
is there a way to increase de distance of lights at night of ai traffic aircraft?

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Post by Vavun »

Congratulations to all with access prepar3d 2.5. Everything works fine, but after installing orbx FTX GLOBAL writes an error (terrain.cfg not found). Has anyone encountered the same problem?
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Post by sarsonk001 »


ORBX said on their forum that they are about to release an update for FTX Global etc that will address issues installing into P3D 2.5.
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Post by Adam Breed »


Future releases will incorporate an installation procedure that is similar to your comment. We will provide detailed information once our new patching/installation procedure is completed.

We definitely do not like to force the 10GB download on everyone more than once!
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