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Posting Issue Reports

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Thanks for being part of the Prepar3D community.

Prior to posting an issue, please search the forum as your concern may have already been addressed

If your issue is not found, please create a new forum topic with a clear subject and detailed reproduction steps.

Reproduction steps should be a clear way for a developer to cause the error. It should be a detailed step-by-step guide with any helpful detail. In addition, please note if the issue is reliably reproducible or if the issue is intermittent.

Finally, include the following information in your report:
  • Prepar3D version
  • Operating system
  • All add-ons installed (applications, scenery, vehicles, etc.)
  • Hardware (graphics card, CPU, RAM, displays, etc.)
  • GPU driver version
  • Changes made to your system – overclocking, graphics accelerators (NVIDIA Inspector), debuggers
  • Changes to the default Prepar3D's settings or configuration files
  • Crash logs or error messages
Thanks for your patience as we review your issue,
Chris Metel
Prepar3D® Engineering Program Manager