Modeling Materials

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This document describes Prepar3D® materials in detail, providing many visual examples. The sample settings can be used to great effect when creating new aircraft or other scenery objects using 3ds Max.

The Material Editor

The base material properties

The base texture properties

The fresnel ramp

The specular map

Bloom and ambient light scale

Frame buffer blending, shadows and force texture address clamp

Material Functionality: Z-Bias Level

In order to improve layering materials on the ground for airport ground polygons, Prepar3D has implemented a Z-Bias level material setting.

This functionality only works with "No Z Write" checked on the material. Using values between -1 and -50, you can set and order the layering of the ground polygon textures above the default airport aprons, taxiways and runways. The more negative the Z-bias, the higher layer the material will be. For example, the runway ground polygon could be -1 making it the lower layer, the white runway markings could be the middle layer at -2, the yellow runway markings could be -3 ending as the highest layer. This process can be repeated for up to fifty layers, supporting standard and alpha blended materials.

A: Selected Material: Taxiway marks
B: Z-Bias Level = -10
C: No Z write and No Shadow